Court Square Group and The Building 19 Project

Building 19 / Ann Beha Architects

Building 19 / Ann Beha Architects

Springfield Technical Community College (STCC) in cooperation with Division of Capital Asset Management and Maintenance (DCAMM) is renovating a land-marked, 700 foot-long, warehouse to become the central Student Learning Commons on a site that was once an armory and storehouse for the city of Springfield.

Now called Building 19, at the length of about two football fields, the 100,000-square-foot structure will be known as the STCC Ira H. Rubenzahl Student Learning Commons.

The Building 19 Project is a major rehabilitation of a beautiful historic structure. Maureen Socha, the Assistant Vice President of Administration and Facilities (2017 Massachusetts Facilities Management Association’s (MAFMA) member of the year) has called upon Court Square Group to provide technical oversight to assist in preparing this historic landmark to function in the 21st Century.

Court Square Group is supporting STCC to prepare functional design and implementation, using the original blueprints of the building. From networking capabilities, security features, power controls, HVAC equipment, lighting and more—the team has worked together with a focus and agreement to sustain the historical integrity of Building 19, innovating the space as a state-of-the-art landmark.

With the collaboration of Court Square Group, DCAMM and STCC, the vision of creating a multi-function self-service student and faculty Campus Center is coming to life.

The Student Learning Commons will honor the past while embracing new energy-efficient technology. (Anticipated opening Fall 2018)