Court Square and the Destruction of Paper

In 2012, the efforts of the DIA DRM Community Volunteers produced the premier Framework for The Destruction of Paper. This framework was adopted by many companies since that time to define policies and SOPs for the creation of certified copies to influence the destruction of paper documents. In 2018, Keith Parent of Court Square Group volunteered with others on this committee, to integrate new specialized knowledge and support in the Updating and Review of the current Framework.

This Committee is driven to sculpt a future of paperless, integral, qualified, secure, compliant electronic documentation processes/ tools. Their Parameters are precise and thorough—covering a range of specifications from the minimum requirements for scanner settings, to ECMS validation and security requirements.

The committee aims to Finalize the Destruction of Paper Framework (version 2.0) by the end of August 2018.

To view the Original Destruction of Paper proposal, follow this link.