Nature Article Reviews: Industry Embraces Virtual Trial Platforms

In a recent post by Nature Reviews Drug Discovery titled Industry Embraces Virtual Trial Platforms, author Elie Dolgin steps onto the virtual platform herself to deliver new facts on virtual clinical trials with mentions of a few familiar friends of Court Square Group, including EmpiraMed.

“With an estimated three-quarters of the global public saying they’d be willing to take part in a clinical trial, but only a tiny fraction ever bothering to do so, part of the idea is to make it easier for volunteers to engage with the clinical research enterprise.”

Craig Lipset, head of Clinical Innovation at Pfizer observed two Key Lessons to be learned from the earlier virtual trials: engaging patients with their physician and adapting protocols to the level of virtualization preferred by participants.

This falls in line with well-known ideals that user-centered design substantially influences user activity and engagement.

Since the first pharma-backed internet trials took place in 2001, there have been waves of efforts to optimize the virtual trial experience…

Recently Genentech and Science 37 developed and managed a “site-less” hybrid trial interface that produced more participants through web-marketing and the appeal of virtual trials- additionally, the new mechanism reduced the duration of time for the trials and collection of data.

The opportunity for benefiting public health and wellness through these new methods is abounding, right alongside the resistance to in-home data collection… Sponsor companies are reasonably hesitant to approach patient-reported data without gentrified means to validate it.

However, now that positive results are stacking up to support the innovations, creativity is fueling the design of upcoming mechanisms for clinical trials that embrace the human factor to engage participants in ways that also enhance the quality of the data collection and analysis. One of Court Square's clients, EmpiraMed, is highlighted by Elie Dolgin in this article for adding game-like point systems for participation in their new virtual trial experience.