Maintain your qualified state

CSG provides an Audit Ready Compliant Cloud for the Life Science industry to enable a company to maintain the qualification necessary for validated applications. Whether those applications are third party off the shelf applications that are validated or they are custom developed applications needed to satisfy a specific business need, CSG can manage those environments and maintain your qualified state.

More than just managed service

There are many vendors who can offer managed service but very few that understand the rigors necessary to provide a 21 CFR Part 11 qualified infrastructure. It is not enough to qualify the environment when you first implement your solution but you must have proper change control and artifact generation so that any auditor that looks at your environment knows that you have control over that environment.

Peace of Mind

You cannot afford to have an automatic update put a version of software that causes your validated application to have problems. By maintaining strict control over your environment and generating the necessary documentation to satisfy even the most rigorous auditors we give you that piece of mind necessary to focus on your core business.