Collaboration Platform

Have you deployed SharePoint to enable collaboration between your departments? Let us show you how SharePoint can leverage the shared knowledge among your researchers and scientists to provide a collaboration platform that not only enables a free exchange of information, but implements business process workflows and serves as the content management platform of choice.

By effectively using SharePoint as the overall corporate dashboard, content management solution and collaboration platform you can readily make data available to all departments within the company and still maintain security as needed.

We have implemented solutions in the pre-clinical, clinical, legal, HR, manufacturing, sales, external and investor relations departments throughout numerous life science companies.

You may look at a commercial EDMS (Electronic Document Management System) along with an eCTD system and potential interface to an eValidation solution and the FDA gateway.

All of these applications and configurations are second nature to the CSG teams and we thrive on putting together the appropriate set of applications to satisfy the most rigorous of needs.

If you have the need for an NDA or IND in the foreseeable future and need to pull that content together, let the CSG team of professionals work with you to implement the most cost effective solutions with the greatest flexibility in terms of collaborations and external vendors.

SharePoint and Document Management

Your company generates documents from every department. Some of the more common documents include:

• Operations: Technical specifications, production operating procedures
• Human Resources: Training records, benefits per employee
• Sales: Proposals, statements of work, terms and conditions
• Research: Results of experiments, pilot runs, production trials
• Finance: Monthly financial reports by organization, department, line item
• Marketing: Collateral, datasheets, case studies, PowerPoint presentations

Court Square’s expertise in SharePoint and document management workflows allows a company to take full advantage of the intellectual property found in these documents. Advantages of having a document management process include:

Dashboards to coordinate data from other sources into one easily accessible location (including tying in from ERP and CRM systems)
Collaboration capabilities which allow for multiple contributors with version control and limited risk of content loss
Compliance for those regulated industries which require control over documentation


For companies that have a document management tool

Court Square will evaluate a company’s current business model and regulatory requirements against current document management capabilities. The service will provide a report which will review what isn’t working, what was never implemented and what is needed to achieve a system that adds value.

For companies with no current access to SharePoint or other document management or collaboration capabilities

This service analyzes current network capacity against current business requirements and business requirements anticipated over the next 12-18 months. Capacity risks will be identified with prioritized remediation recommended. Remediation projects can be initiated as a follow-up project to the assessment.

Design & Implementation

Implementation of a revised document management system

The implementation plan will be derived from the results of an assessment conducted by Court Square or the client based on current status of an existing document management system. Specific implementation services include:

• Migration from another document management system
• Upgrade to the most recent version of SharePoint
• New configurations for growing business needs
• The result will be a document management or document collaboration system that is operational and documented with processes and workflows.

Implementation of a new document management processes and tools

This service starts from scratch for those companies with no previous system or approach. The service consists of implementation, configuration and knowledge transfer. The client may choose any combination of the following deliverables:

• Administrative help
• Programming services
• Training

Regulatory compliance
Many industries such as financial services and life sciences are subject to government regulations in document management and control. Public companies or those who service public companies may also face Sarbanes-Oxley requirements. Court Square can provide additional implementation services to ensure a compliant document management system.